30th March 2012


Blog 2 - Art Deco


“The Art Deco City” book will be useful for my research of Art Deco because it talks about the history of Napier, during the earthquake and the rebuilding of it. The book contains a variety of images of rebuilt Buildings in Napier and contains all the Architects that are involved in the rebuilding with all the specific styles involved. This will help me research the different types of Art Deco that are being used either architecture or furniture.

Robert M., (1998). The Art Deco City.Napier, New Zealand: Art Deco Trust

Edited Book

This Book is an in-depth document of Art Deco style which talks about the movement and how it responds to the time period with all the high fashioned, commerce and new technologies. I found this book resourceful as it shows me how the Art Deco style spread around the world and used inspirations from the worlds more tasteful pleasures to form into a style.

Benton, C. Benton, T. Wood, G. (ed). (2003). Art deco 1910-1939. London: V&A


 This site contains useful information about what kind of materials are used to construct an Art Deco styled object such as a Building or a piece of furniture. It also includes a summarised brief history of how the style became an art style from splitting off from another style into its own. I found this helpful because I will have information on what kind of materials are used on art deco style designs.

Art Deco – The Modern Style. (2001). http://artantiques.allinfo-about.com/weekly/features/artdeco.html

Journal Article

I found this article not as helpful as I thought it would be because it mainly provided information about New Zealand’s History rather than Art Deco buildings and Architecture. This article didn’t help me incorporate its information into my researching work as I wanted more of the Art Deco design history.

Edward, A. (2007). The Art of Deco: Rebuilt from the rubble in the 30’s, a New Zealand town still casts a spell. Architectural Digest, 61(3), 94-104.


I think this image is a good representation of the Art Deco Building, it shows the typical design of the “stream line” which is to show aerodynamics and simple geometrical shapes. It’s useful for my research because I wanted to show clear features of what an Art Deco design structure.

The Art Deco Architecture Site [Photograph]. Retrieved from http://www.decopix.com/

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